ODD - Fun mathematical game challenging your brain for kids and adults

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Feel like your brain rusted? Tired of the multiple clone games? This is definitely what you need!
Slide the tiles to calculate. Up and left to add; down and right to subtract. Try your best to use up all the numbers to get the target one.

**Brainstorm and Numbers Combining**
A wrong choice may be doomed to lose.
But two wrong choices may bring another chance.
Watch your steps, try to follow your instinct, and experience an amazing number world.

**Extraordinary Achievements**
Ancient operation rules direct you to the target number.
“Up and left to add; down and right to subtract.”
Keep this in mind. It will be your last straw.

**Breath-taking Challenge! Test your brain’s ability**
Various layouts.
It’s never about winning; it’s about storming your brain.

Number maze; every corner will be the key.
Make your move! Enjoy this wonderful experience.